Thanks for your interest in Joe’s campaign!

There are several ways you can support the campaign. Of course we welcome your campaign contribution. Your gift up to a maximum of $700 per individual for each election (March primary or the following general election) will go a long way with our shoestring campaign budget. Is your spouse also supporting Joe? Together you can contribute $1,400 in each of those election cycles.


We also welcome an in-kind donation of goods or services to get our campaign up and running. That could include discounts on printed materials, campaign event promotional advertising and event refreshments. If you have something to offer, we welcome your support. Call us!

You can also support Joe by volunteering for help with campaign tasks like stuffing envelopes. And we welcome your help with getting the word out. You can…

  • Walk door-to-door for the campaign. Give us a call at (213) 909-8986 if you need campaign material or yard signs to distribute.
  • Make a few telephone calls to your neighbors. We also want to count on you for our phone-bank before the election.
  • Organize a local campaign event like a coffee with local business owners. Joe wants to share his vision with you and your group.
  • Organize a fundraiser in your home or workplace. Again we’re on a shoestring budget. Can you bring your neighbors or co-workers together for a meet-and-greet fundraiser?

Note: ‘Foreign nationals’ are prohibited from making monetary or in-kind contributions to campaigns. (Read more about limits on contributions here.) Even if you are not a US citizen or a legal permanent resident, you can still support Joe by volunteering to help us get the word out!